Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Job Shortages in India

India faces a massive shortage of workers with European language skills over the next five years which could see the country needing to recruit up to 120,000 foreigners...' Looks like the jobs may be moving to India but they might require the original people to do some of the jobs!


Now.. Isn't that Ironic !!!


Srini said...

Nice work, chief!

Quite certainly, you are becoming a major competitor to our very own timesofindia.

You got entertainment, you got economy, you got off-beat news. Technology covered as well, Waiting for the fitness section and then of course the 'This day, that year'.

npv said...

i agree with srini.....kp boy keep it up....going back to this particular article, our school curriculum should def consider introducing a foriegn language in the high school.

Prashanth said...

I had taken french for 2 years as part of my high school curriculum. However, the hardest part is that unless you interact with people who speak that language on a regular basis, your skills slowly evaporate.

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