Sunday, June 26, 2005

IITians in Bollywood

First there was this guy, X, who cracked the JEE and made it into one of the IITs. Then, there was this guy (X again) who worked so hard at non-academic stuff that IIT rewarded him with a 5 point GPA. X somehow managed to graduate along with a few of his other buddies. X, Y and Z managed to get some additional degrees and got into some mediocre jobs. Now X was in a dilemma. A big one. Wasn't he supposed to be the part of the creme de la creme ? How then could he relate that to his professional self ? So, X looked around and asked some friends. Now, his friends Y and Z being in the same position themselves hated X for asking these questions and started avoiding him. X got lonely and decided to write a book. What was he going to write about ? He thought long and hard and then one fine day, EUREKA!!!. He was going to write about a book about himself and Y and Z. Who would read it ? For starters, all the Xs, Ys and Zs of the present day would read it. How could he make it interesting for the average Joe ? Well, he can add a 'female angle' to the book to spice it up. So, thatz what he did. And guess what, this book became a best seller.

It became so famous that Subhash ghai decided to make a movie out of it. He decided to cast Aishwarya Rai as the female lead. Boyfriend Vivek Oberoi convinced Ghai that he can play the part of the wise-cracking X. Aamir was cast as Y and Abhishek as Z. Aamir fasted for 3 months to look 18. But the fasting had the exact opposite effect. In the end, he had to fly to switzerland to get some botox shots. Abhishek claimed that since he was playing the role of a 4th attempter, his age was not an issue. Vivek threatened people with injury and worse things if they had the gall to think he was not fit for the role of X. Nobody questioned Ms. Rai. They were glad to see her in a hindi film. AR Rahman agreed to score the music from London. As usual he charged a crore for his music. Saroj khan agreed to do the choreography. The sultry Yana gupta and Shamita shetty agreed to dance in item numbers. To justify the introduction of item numbers, an additional sequence was introduced wherein X, Y and Z go to a native liquor place , get predictably drunk and then shake hips with the item dancers. The washed out Diego Maradona was hired as a consultant to direct the intra hostel football(soccer) games. However, the director of the IIT claimed that the movie was not in tune with the book anymore and hence did not reflect the IITian spirit. He even passed a resolution that blocked Mr. Ghai and his team from shooting in the said IIT.

Nonplussed, Mr. Ghai approached Mr. D. Rama Naidu from AP who agreed to build a set of the said IIT in his Film City in Hyderabad. They even called it IIT Hyderabad. This caused a huge controversy. We will go into the details later.

If you have come this far in this post, let me ask you a question. If you think that I have a crazy imagination, let me warn you that this post is 'based' on actual happenings. Mr. Chetan Bhagat, an IITian turned investment banker wrote a best seller titled "5 Point Someone". The book is about 3 friends who graudate from IIT with a 5 point GPA. Now, people inlcuding Mr. Subhash ghai are interested in bollywoodizing it. Great !!!. I am hoping to read this book soon.

Check out this link from the Deccan Herald


Rajasekhar said...

Nice way to make money.
Though I am in the same category more or less ..... why wud I pay to read my own story? and that too by someone else? and the same XYZ?

Prashanth said...

Exactly my thoughts. But don't forget the fact that this book is a best-seller.

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