Thursday, September 01, 2005

Help Katrina Victims

NEW ORLEANS: Graves at Greenwood and Metairie cemetaries mark the waterlineof the sheet of water that covered the city from Lake Pontchartrain to nearly the French Quarter on Tuesday

It was a heart-rending sight to watch the victims of Katrina on TV last night. There was a woman who was responsible for her cancer struck mother and her sick brother on a dialysis machine. There was another who was waiting for aid on a highway with her husband's corpse. Time and time again we are being reminded of the fact that we do not have an answer to nature's fury. Elsewhere in Iraq, more than a thousand people have died in a stampede. Death, Mayhem, Destruction, Turmoil. The images and stories are everwhere. On the TV, Radio and the newspapers. As a water resources engineer, I was even disheartened to realize that most of New Orleans is under water because of a levee breach. It is bittersweet that times like these offer us a chance to rise above our humdrum daily existence. If you are one of those who feel compelled to help the hurricane relief efforts, here are some resources:

American Redcross
KatrinaHelp Wiki Portal
Network for Good

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