Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google WiFi /Secure Access

Google will soon roll out its Google WiFi service. From the FAQ, Google WiFi provides its users a secure Wireless internet experience by encrypting information. There is a small catch though. All traffic would be routed through Google's servers. As of now, the service is still in a Beta Stage (Translation : Google hasn't figured out how to make money from this service yet) and available in only certain parts of SFO. Google is well on its way to upstage Microsoft and become the new EVIL corporation. More info on CNN.


Aravind said...

does that mean i can access internet while travelling in my car?
i read ur blog for such tech-related updates.. :D. do keep us posted..

Prashanth said...

No. You still have to be in a wireless hotspot. Google WiFi is a step up on the traditional WiFi by encrypting your session.

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