Sunday, July 17, 2005

Obligatory 'Tour de France' Post

Lance is still in yellow (what's new, you ask)

What's new!!! Hmm.. For one, we are seeing a far more mature lance out there. He is still strong and extremely competitive but he is showing us again and again this year what a master tactician he is. 9 more days to go before we know who the winner is. Lance has a comfortable lead over all the other pre-race favorites. But, we still cannot write off basso, ullrich, kloden and vinokourov. Agreed that they haven't shown much for us to argue on their favor but I just have a gut feeling that they will not take this total domination lying down much longer. Now that the race is in the pyrenees we can definitely expect some resistance from basso and ullrich at least.

In my opinion though, LA is on his way to an unprecedented/unsurmountable(?) 7th victory barring any crashes/injuries.

Allez.. Lance.. Allez

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