Sunday, July 17, 2005

I know the identity of the half blood prince

Dear Blog reader,
I just finished reading the Half blood Prince(HBP) . It was an interesting read from the beginning. After the first 3 chapters, I could easily see this book was definitely going to be a lot darker than any of its predecessors. And dark it was. I still cannot believe that I have been a HP fan for the last 6 years. And, so far, I have never been disappointed by JKR. After I finished reading the book, I went to mugglenet and a couple of other forums just to see what people made of 'HBP'. A lot of people were focussing on the 'death' and some were even taking it personally. However, I felt a lot like the way I felt after 'The matrix reloaded'. Too many unanswered questions. Can the next book do justice to all of them ? The Geek that I am, I enjoy this whole business of waiting for the next HP book. The countdown has already started in my mind. I hope that it is long (1000+ pgs).

Your friendly neighborhood harry potter geek

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