Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogger's block

Blogger's Block - That should be the word for this generation. I can't believe I waited 6 months for a new post. How Lame!

2007 is a new year. Personally, it has ushered in a lot of changes into my life. Marriage used to be a scary word a few years ago. Now, I use sentences like "During our marriage... blah blah".

2007 is a new year. India is out of the World Cup before you could say Bangladesh

2007 is a new year. Global warming is becoming a buzz word.

2007 is a new year. My company is moving to a new building in Reston.

2007 is a new year. The last of the Potter Tomes will be out in July.

So on and so forth...

1 comment:

Amit said...

It sure is quite a year dude...congrats and good luck for the new life...and keep writing..
- Amitabh

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