Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Odds and Ends

Random Facts :

  • Getting married in December.
  • Actually organized a charity fundraiser night
  • Managed 150 guests and raised over 3500$
  • MC ed the whole event
  • Bill Clinton was the guest of honor. (Just testing to see if you are awake)
  • Changed my mobile phone carrier
  • It has been 1 month since I swore in Telugu
  • It has been 1 hour since I swore in English
  • It has been 1 day since I swore in Hindi
  • I would love to swear in swahili. Can someone teach me ?
  • Fell in love with Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. Now reading Book IV (Wizard and Glass)
  • My little brother is old enough to blog.
  • I remembered that I used to blog
  • I also used to be funny

1 comment:

Vikram Mekala said...

Here is something for your Swahili

What else is happening dude ?
Have actually purchased Indian Oceans Khandisa and They Rock Mate :-)))

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