Tuesday, March 14, 2006


For many days, I have been meaning to write about EA's next blockbuster, SPORE. Here are a few reasons why you should be excited about it.

1. Will Wright
2. Procedural Animation
3. RPG evolving into RTS into MMORTS/MMORPG

For the gaming neophytes, Will Wright is the creator of Simcity, The Sims and 'sim'ilar games. Procedural Animation is basically on-the-fly animation. In other words, built-in code within the game generates graphics and renders them on the fly. Pretty cool. The game starts as a Role Playing Game where you have control over one creature and slowly progressed into a Real Time Strategy game pitting you against other players.

The game starts with you controlling a spore or a single celled organism. You have to help your spore survive under hostile conditions and oversee its evolution. As the spore evolves, you get to play god by deciding what it evolves into. This is where procedural animation comes into play. Very soon, you would be controlling a whole city of your creatures and then a planet and then a solar system and so on.

Check out this super cool gameplay video on Google.

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