Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The new Kids on the Search Block

Meet Kosmix, the new kid on the Search block. Founders Venky and Anand have raised 7.4 mil$ in VC to work on their dream of taking search to a new place. For a long time, I have dreamt about Google adding a meta search feature to their engine. Dogpile and other meta search engines offered some relief but I felt that there was something missing. Apparently, the Kosmix team have been working on this problem for the last 1 year. As of now, you can perform searches that fall under 3 categories : health, travel and politics. After a few trial searches I felt that Google seemed to capture more content but Kosmix seemed to be doing a better job in organizing their results.

Interestingly, Venky and Anand are also the founders of Junglee which was later acquired by Amazon. Oh BTW, they also went to school with Larry and Segei at Stanford. Here is an interesting story about that.

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