Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My first 55 word story

As our lives become faster, our entertainment has to keep up. Flash-fiction is the answer. Write a story. A short one. 55 words to be precise. Bingo. Here's my first piece of FF.

Cramped office. Stale air. Blurry monitor. Impending deadlines. Need to get out. Run around the block. Once more. Crisp air. Soft pavement. Pitter Patter. Laces tight. Can't bend. Pick up the pace. Thumping heart. Pitter Patter. Trickling sweat. Too fast. Slow down. Whatz the time ? Oh Shit. Gotta get back. Cross the street. Screeeeeech!!!!.


Rajasekhar said...

Oh shit! Ticket.

Make that 58 for some fun.

Prashanth said...

I like open endings. Screech is the sound of brakes. Doesn't imply anything else :-)

Rajasekhar said...

Make it more interesting by narrowing it....

Wonderful dame!

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