Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stephen Robinson - The man of the moment

Tonight, Mr.Robinson would embark on an unprecedented spacewalk to remove an inch of gap filler material from the underbelly of the discovery space shuttle. He would be making use of the robotic space arm of the International Space Station. More about him from the NASA website

Stephen K. Robinson (Ph.D.)
NASA Astronaut

PERSONAL DATA: Born October 26, 1955, in Sacramento, California. Unmarried. Enjoys flying, antique aircraft, swimming, canoeing, hiking, music, art, and stereo photography. Plays lead guitar in Max Q, a rock-n-roll band. His parents, William and Joyce Robinson, reside in Moraga, California. More


Rajasekhar said...

Oh a PhD...
So Dr. Robinson accomplished the feet today!

Prashanth said...


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